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Boat Dock Construction

Davis Docks & Seawall can design and build a custom boat dock for your lakefront property on Lake Greenwood, South Carolina. We design docks that can accommodate pontoon boats, speed boats, fishing boats, and jet skis.

Depending on your location, we can build boat docks with boat houses with lifts, and more. Lake Greenwood is not an Army Corp of Engineers lake, so this gives you more flexibility to build the boat dock that you want. Some areas of the lake have been designated as critical habitat areas and improvement may not be permitted. 

boat dock lake greenwood
Seawall Construction Lake Greenwood

Seawall Construction

A good seawall is essential to protect your property and preserve the health of the lake. A seawall will prevent erosion of your property due to waves, wind, and the wake from boats and jet skis. Your seawall will also help manage drainage from your yard into the lake.  The seawall will divert the wave energy back into the lake and prevent damage to your property.

A high-quality seawall from Davis Docks and Seawalls also gives your property an attractive, finished look. Wind, rain, waves, other boaters, and the elements will eat away at your lakefront property. A good quality seawall is your best defense to protect your property. 

Boat Dock Repair

Davis Docks and Seawall also repairs and maintains boat docks. Boat docks and boathouses are open to the elements and they do need routine maintenance.

Your boat dock is one of your biggest investments and maintaining your dock will add many years of use to your dock. We can fix or replace loose or damaged boards. We can pressure wash and stain or paint your dock and make it look like new.

Lake Greenwood Boat Dock
Seawall Repair Lake Greenwood

Seawall Repair

A well-built seawall on Lake Greenwood will last 20-30 years, maybe more. In general,  a seawall does not need a lot of maintenance. But there are some things to look out for.

Every winter, when the lake is low inspect your seawall for loose or damaged blocks. Look for subsidence behind the wall. The ground may have sunken down; look for tell-tale sinkholes. This could be a sign of a drainage issue. This could mean that there is additional pressure on your seawall.

Boat Dock & Seawall Maintenance

Extend the life of your boat dock, boathouse, and seawall with routine maintenance.

  • Damaged Boards
  • Post Caps
  • Lighting
  • Pressure Washing
  • Stain or paint
Boat Dock Repair Lake Greenwood

Boat Lift Installation and Repair

We suggest that you maintain your boat lift annually. Lubricate your moving parts. The motor and the pulleys will need to be greased every year. Inspect your cable for any signs of damage. Make sure that all nuts and bolts are tight. Listen for any abnormal noise or sounds of the lift motor straining.

Contact us to schedule your annual boat dock and lift maintenance check.